Jeff Bennett's Lounge Experience
Ancient Keys

Tracklisting :
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1. Sympathy
2. Emerging Sights
3. There Are Many Things
4. Let's Come Together
5. Is There Knowledge Left
6. Imagine This
7. Dialogs
8. You & Me
9. Wondering If
10. Arrival
11. I Am
12. There Are Many Things (Carved Out Mix)

Reviews :

Richi Hartness (
Forget the ‘Lounge’ title and dive on into this sumptuous CD of soulful vocals and chilled vibes. ‘Sympathy’ opens this release with down tempo beats and sultry vocals from Alexandra Hamnede. The sound is very Thievery Corp meets Nathan Haynes or Jersey Street. Instant and accessible, gentle and moody. ‘There Are Many Things’ is a very different sound, with more tempo, but still a late night vibe, it blends simple percussive layers with melodic keys to build a foot tapping track from the off. ‘You & Me’ has yet another sound, this time offering up some fine dark electronic touches and deep beats floating amongst dreamy vocals in a chill out mood inspired vocal treat. An album exploring new sounds from an established artist that we’re sure to hear more of in the future if this release is anything to go by.

Al Bradley (Fluke Mag)
Normally Jeff Bennett is known for his tech-house outings on labels such as Poker Flat, so it's a surprise to hear such a well crafted & musical album of downtempo beats. It’s a brilliant collection of tracks, quite Balearic in vibe, with a 'late night' afterparty feel to it. The melancholy 'There Are Many Things' is gorgeous & moody, whereas 'Is There Knowledge Left' is sun-kissed & seductive. My personal pick is the piano-led 'Imagine This', a superb mix of live & electronic sounds. Check this album out for quality 'back to mine' action. 3/4

Kate Wildblood (Dj Mag)
After a late 20th century drenching in all things easy it feels as if lounge could do with the kind of makeover corduroy achieved courtesy of Missy & Madge. Bennett maybe the boy for the job come 2004 as his ‘Lounge Experience’ brings us lounge core without the bore. It’s
smooth, sensual, vocally sweet and very, very easy to swallow. The touch of ice cool Scandinavian soul Bennett gives this collection of laidback lushness has to be heard be you horizontal or happening. Seems lounge has found a saviour and if you can stir yourself from the must-do stupor Bennett affects, I suggest you salute him. 3.5/5