Your Country


Now the time has come to introduce you to Israel’s finest in electronic music, J.Viewz. Here he presents the first single, Your Country, from his forthcoming album Muse Breaks. The orginal mix is a sweet electronic downtempo song with some influences of Moby and Royksopp, you could also call it “Freestyle-chill”. We handled the remix duties to Hakan Lidbo which you already know of with big productions with artists like Yello and Hip Hop legend Kool Keith and second one to Deeplay’s own stalwart Dalminjo. Lidbo’s mix is a poppy house affair with a commercial touch to it. Dalminjo however deliver a mix with a very uptodate sound, spacey electronic midtempo house. Just as if Herbert was sitting next to him.
All in all an eclectic mix of styles and sounds. Will suit both the underground eclectic peeps as well as the ones searching for that “new thing”.

Tracklisting :
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a1. Håkan Lidbo's Spectre Mix
b1. Dalminjo's Ostekake Mix
b2. Original

Reviews :

Jon Freer (Freelance)
Chilled out Israeli J Views makes the sort of downtempo styled grooves that are reminiscent of Plej, Royksopp and other Scandinavian artists. "Your Country" is a pleasant enough vocal number, with artificial synths, deep in thought strings and hop, skip and jump beats. Hakan Lidbo's 'Spectre Mix' sees a powerful bass and high reaching keys dominate, whilst Dalminjo's 'Ostkerkake mix' contains firework type bass hits and colour changing keys.