Zion Lockwood
Jazzy June Ep

Zion Lockwood is back…after successfully serving the world notice with his Solo String's Ep on Just A Groove. Globally, Zion’s EP received worldwide support from some of the top DJ’s. On the compilation side of things, selected tracks from the EP appeared on the impressive Nite Life vol. 11 (mixed by Danny Krivit)on NRK and Real Ibiza 6 (React). Zion is currently signed to New York based Ibadan for two upcoming singles.

Deeplay takes it to next level and present a new stunning EP. Zion continues along his path to perfection with a very diverse Ep. “Love Soul” is an afro inspired shaker with a warm “live-feeling”. “Jazzy June” is a St Germainish affair intertwined with Zion’s musical vision…a track so jazzy, even Dave Brubeck would have been proud. This track is currently making the rounds on numerous compilations worldwide. “Trapped Inside” takes it to a deeper level. A touch of funk and rhythmical elements elevates this spoken word track to greater heights…perfect for the 4 am revelers.

Tracklisting :
Click title to listen, requires Real Player (www.real.com)

a1. Love Soul
b1. Jazzy June
b2. Trapped Inside

Reviews :

Chris Blue (Jockey Slut)
Remember when everyone was nuts about Fela Kuti, and afro- and Brazilian beats were all the rage? Well, for these Swedes it’s an ongoing fascination. ‘Love Soul’ is clackety and tribal with smooth keys and balearic guitar; ‘Jazzy June’ is latin-house meets Kenny G; and ‘Trapped Inside’ is tech-house made in Rio. Smooth.

Richie Hartness (www.untitledmusic.co.uk)
Sweden’s Deeplay continue their musical mission with Zion Lockwood. The CD opens with ‘Love Soul’ a rich percussive adventure into tribal jazz and mystical funk, the humid sound is very captivating as varied instruments add further warmth and structure to the track. ‘Jazzy June’ maintains the improvised jazz groove feelings, but adds a hazy sun drenched edge with hissing percussion and a deep south mood, look out for the magical guitar flickerings that really wrap you up in the track. Finally comes ‘Trapped Inside’ a track that ups the tempo adds an extra beats and some smouldering distant vocals to create a jungle boogies jazz vibe. Superb stuff.