Hibiki Connection


Deeplay is proud to present its first international signing outside Scandinavia.

Hibiki Connection are two creative Japanese producers, Atsushi Shimomura and Hideyuki Kuwahara. Hibiki makes their global debut with “Cha-Ka-Too,” a single that is refreshingly diverse with simplistic musical overtones.

This is classic house music from an Asiatic perspective. Listen carefully as the steel drums blends effortlessly with the horns while floating gently on the rhythmic bass. If you hear it, then we know you have discovered the new sound of Japan!!!

The “Original Mix” is pure bliss…musical medication to relieve the stresses of daily life. “Dj Vanne’s Primitive Mix” is a percussive construction that gives you a glimpse of the funkier side of the Japanese underground dance culture. “Atman’s Loud Mix” is a main room collage of energy and original elements…a peak time mix that is bound to have you sweating in the early Tokyo morn. The chilled “Yonama Beach Mix” is a perfect way to say goodbye to friends as the sun slowly rises over the horizon…a warm Japanese treat for the deeper occasions.

Tracklisting :
Click title to listen, requires Real Player (www.real.com)

a1. Original Mix
a2. Dj Vanne's Primitive Mix
b1. Atman's Loud Mix
b2. Yonama Beach Mix

Reviews :

Richie Hartness (www.untitledmusic.co.uk)
Sweden’s Deeplay continue to provide deep house delights and this latest one is yet another. Opening with the ‘Original’ it’s a swaggering, funky track with superb percussion and cracking horns. The tempo picks you up in no time and gets a crowd smiling ear to ear. ‘DJ Vanne’s Primitive Mix’ strips away lots of the pace to the track and serves up a pounding bassline that wanders around picking up sumptuous guitar riffs and rolling steel drums. ‘Atman’s Loud Mix’ on the flip side is main room floor filler, phat bass guitar slashes and more solid beats, the pace is more up-tempo too. Finally we kick back and relax with the ‘Yonama Beach Mix’. Lazy guitar flickering sounds, sun drenched moods and beautiful horns, trumpets and all that kind of mellowness build a track to wash away the long winter nights. An all round package with something for most deep house heads. The ‘Original’ and ‘Beach Mix’ making it for me.

Sarah Foote (bullitmagazine.com)
Straight outta Japan with magical flutes that can reduce a girl to tears...nuff said!...10/10

Kev Hill (www.clubradio.net)
A lively pumping and elevating funker that comes across best in its Atman's Loud Mix. A couple of simple female vocal hooks get the repetition treatment over a nicely funking amalgamation of braying horns, hissing snare and burbling bass that don't deviate far from the initial feel throughout but accordingly builds a hypnotic atmosphere that its well hard to resist.