And She Said 'Remixes


And She Said was originally taken from Dalminjo’s debut Ep Solitude Jazz early 2002
(Sold out immeditely, never re-pressed)

The original track is very hard to describe, it’s a crossover between techno, jazz, tech-house and a cinematic experience. It could also have been taken from the Bladerunner movie. It’s timeless. All dj’s we know of who bougth the EP still plays it. In fact they wanted us to release it again so they could buy a spare copy because of loads of playing.

Back in 2002, 7 Mag made a feature with Dalminjo, only aged 20 back then, and they described And She Said and his sound like this:
"a tech-house classic, a feel of the Mad Mike in there, fusion of rocking dancefloor beats and complex melodies"

Terry Lee Brown Jr, known worldwide for his releases on Plastic City and remix works on Defected, Yoshitoshi, Hooj and Twisted just to name a few. He has also been called “the God of tech house”. He turns this classic track to a point which is far beyond the world “classic”. He keeps the coolnes of the original and transform it to 2 fantastic mixes which will fit all

Physics, which you already know by now which have a close connection to Deeplay Music, goes the other direction and turn this to what is their speciality, a deep bossa tingled affair. They also add some extra vocals lovely sung by Teresa.
Dalminjo himself add an extra downtemp mix to make this package complete


Tracklisting :
Click title to listen, requires Real Player (www.real.com)

a1. Original Mix
a2. Ex-Girlfriend Mix
b1. Terry Lee Brown Jr Remix
b2. Physics' Deep Bossa Mix

Reviews :

Mano (Supporter)
Get your hands on a copy of this record if you like the mix between deephouse and a techhhouse spacey edge. The magical synthpads and sweeps let you float away on the dancefloor while the beat takes you to the end of the road that never ends the Original mix is a bit uptempo, but i think it is save to pitch it one or two notes down. If you like a cool more downtempo groove then the Ex-Girlfrind mix is for you. A shuffled beat, on a funky groove, laid back vocals blended in. Let this one hug the people on your dancefloor or just play it for your (girl)friend. Absolute huggable music. It just feels great to have this tune around. This is my personal favorite track on this 12 inch. For the techhouse heads there is now a proper deep Terry Lee Brown Jr. mix, cutting edge techhouse. No need to say more. If you want to play a good mood for the people then Physics' Deep Bossa mix is what you need. This one makes people put a smile in their face after they hear the first few notes and keep it there until the very end. Very full but open mix, uplifting, musical. This one has a long life and is well worth it price, four exelent and useable tracks on one disk. Deeplay shows what they stand for with this release, don't look surprised when this one is sold out.

Max Wiseblood (M8)
Dalminjo’s cut here displays some originality. Thank fuck. Nervous and complex beats prickle and drive under lush and meandering layers of synth. Proper deep tech: the delicious space jazz keys and strings ensure mood elevation and pleasant head wreckery. Cerebral yet funky! He gives us a low and heavy remix too, adding a wistful vocal to the melancholic and dreamy rework. Terry Lee Brown remixes with lush stabs and washes of keys for you tech house types. Finally Physics drops some spaced bossa. But Dalminjo kills it! M7.5/M8

Greg Fenton (Update)
Deeplay aim for a somewhat more Techy feel than we're used to from them of late, although as always the key words here are deep and meaningful. The 'Original' is displayed in all its moody, jazzy glory while the remixes range from a downtempo 'Ex-girlfriend mix' to Terry Lee's Tech-House feast.Label stalwarts Physics then provide a more soulful take with their aptly titled 'Deep Bossa Mix'.

Matt Anniss (iDJ)
The original version of "And She Said" first dropped a couple of years back, when it was acclaimed for it's ultra-spiritual mix of Detroitian atmospherics, bossa-tinged beats and deep house nous. Now it's back, along with a slew of new mixes. The pick of the new rubs has to be Terry Lee Brown Jnr's deep tech house take, though Physic's deep Bossa Mix is arguably more relevant to these pages. Either way and excellent EP. 4/5