Physics feat. Alexandra
Don't Deny Me Love


Second single from the First Flight album. And who wouldn’t be better to bring in for the remix work, than the top producer Jay-J of Moulton Studios, San Fran. He delivers 2 mixes. His vocal mix is a sweet affair for the smooth sexy floors with a nice balance of Alexandra’s vocal and the melody. The Dub mix however, is a totally different story. It will knock you with a storm, funky horns and a piano hook that you can’t resist. Martinez is the other great remixer you usually hear on Guidance. He was kind enough to come up with a splendid jazzy broken beat that makes this single complete together with the original who has a life of it’s own. Here you can hear the sweet and distinguised voice of Alexandra. The sax and the cool piano solos is soooo nice…….

Tracklisting :
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a1. Original Mix
a2. Martinez Aquarium Jazz Dub
b1. Jay-J Moulton Studio's Vocal Mix
b2. Jay-J Moulton Studio's Dub Mix

Reviews :

John Freer (freelance)
Taken from their well received First Flight LP release, Don't Deny Me Love has been remixed exquisitely by a couple of big players. Martinez's Aquarium Jazz Dub takes a heavenly angelic sax, bound together keys pleading vocals and kind strings on an excitable broken jazzed-up version. Jay-J's Moulton Studios Vocal Mixlets the tempting vocals take center stage, over sugar-coated keys, a beaming synth, a grooving bass and rippling strings. As Jay-J's Moulton Studios Dub sees an indulgent sax steal the limelight, backed by a squeezy synth, golden keys and a wonder synth. The smooth original is also included, with its sighing strings, goodness filled wholesome bass and imploring vocals.

Greg Fenton (7 Magazine)
Lifted from their excellent First Flight album, Physics once again deliver another lush jazzy opus. Try their Original mix for soulful chords and moods just too good to miss and a sultry vocal which is likewise. Jay-J then tweaks the bassline and toughens up the production for another winning mix. 4/5 (Floor Filler)

Mark Anthony (Discoid)
Swedish label Deeplay have been putting out some quality tunes for a while now and this is no exception. Mr Moulton Studios himself Jay J steps up to do the honours and supplies two might fine mixes that will have everyone talking. Although for me the best mix here has to be the underrated Martinez Aquarium Dub.. Pure bliss....

Marc Roberts (
When I'm asked for my top 10 of 2002, this should be very close to the summit. The gorgeous vocals of Alexandra are matched by sublime production of Jay-J. On the B, Martinez (of Guidance fame) gives us a broken beat interpretation which sits gracefully alongside the sexy sax and keys. If you love good songs and a strong melody (which all DJ's should!) this will be up your street. You may not play it out as it ain't techno or hard-house, but buy it for home listening. House music for house purists.

Thomas Fath (
Did I read SWEDEN? Besides, that I have seen incredible pictures of beatiful landscape and a very nice capitol, I did not know so far, that Sweden has such a great housemusic output like I have it right here on my player. This song is a true pearl due to these two incredible Jay-J remixes, who seems to turn more and more into on of my top 5 favorite American remixers! Guys, give this man more jobs - especially remixes for R&B artists (I wonder, if his remix for Muzique Soulchild will ever see a recordstore?). Jay-J goes deeeeeep and jazzy with Physics, just the way we need it! The vocals are so sweet and lovely, it should make your heart melt. Don't miss his dub! A true bomb! This man seems to have enough soul in his mind to make one remix a day?!? BIG!