Bossa Note




After his successful outing with his Solitude Jazz Ep, which was highlighted with an all time high top ten review by LTJ BUKEM.
We are now proud to present his first 12" single release on Deeplay. Bossa Note was the reason we decided to sign this talented artist. The original mix is a perfect blend of a warm Summer feeling, expressed through a Bossa vibe that co-mingles with a house beat. Beware of the irressistable shakers! On the same side, JASK (Defected, Soul Furic, Large) makes his second grand appearance on Deeplay. Fresh from his outstanding remix on Physic's -7 am Session, we wanted him to add his Asiatic essence to Bosssa Note. We certainly don't regret it, he delivers a deeper vibe with a stunning sax and flute solos. As if this wasn't enough, Dalminjo also lends his hands in the remix department, and completely revamps his original mix, expect percussive heaven, which appears as the Disco Note remix. We won't say much about it.check it out for yourself and feel the energy. Welcome to the nu-Bossa vibe. Dalminjo style!
Dalminjo has from one released single managed to create a big buzz in Japan with his sound, features on loads of different compilations

DJ support from: Bruno (Café del Mar), Dj Pippi (Pacha), Danny Krivit, Dimitri From Paris, Sumo (Africanism), Alan Russell (BV), Charles Webster, Pete Gooding, Lofty, Nik Weston,

Tracklisting :
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a1. Dalminjo's Disco Note Mix
b1. Jask's Deeplay Anthem Mix
b2. Original Mix

Reviews :

Mark Moore (Blues & Soul)
As a follow-up to his Solitude Jazz EP, Dalminjo launches his first assault on Deeplay with this Latin house number. Dalminjo’s Disco Note Mix has a funky live bassline, soothing "Blaze" vocals, warm pads and rich strings which is great but the production is so good that to me it is crying out for a full song rather than vocal snippets. Jask’s Deeplay Anthem Mix on the flipside is more upbeat and rhythmic with Jask’s Asian edge plus sumptuous flute and sax solos. The Original is also included which combines bossa and house rhythm into a summery vibe. (4/5)

Pete Gooding (Dj Mag)
A chunky, groovy track with live strings, bass and brass and a subtle funky guitar giving a sound reminiscent of any old Salsoul track. In fact, apart from the beats it could be an old track, but this really works and sounds great even though it is fairly laid back. The second track on the flipside is a slower version which will sound great played in a bar setting. A quality release, this will not be devastating any dancefloors, but will sound great in a back room.

Russell Deeks (iDJ)
More Brazilian-inspired grooves in the form of a midtempo house-bossa nova sawyer. It's a solid warm-up track, though similar to much similar material doing the rounds. Three mixes, from Jask and Dalminjo himself, with the latter's 'Disco Note Mix' being the pick of the crop.

Alan Russell (Muzik)
In complete contravention of the 'Rules Of Garage', this is not from NJ and there's no big vocal, but it's still the real deal. With hypnotic disco-vibed grooves, Philly strings, Chic guitar, minimal vocal harmonies, beefy brass and relentless percussion, the 'Dalminjo Disco Note' mix here is pure Paradise. JASK provides a nice, deep version as well, completing a very fine release. 5/5

Cal Gibson (IDJ)
Another twelve that's got sunshine in its grooves, as Dalminjo wields a cool, understated bossa nova vibe to a very sympathetic house structure, with the result being an uber-deep foray into the heart of the dance. Pick randomly from the sultry original, Dalminjo's own pumped-up rewiring or Jask's saxed-out affair: all three will make you bossa like a bastardo my friend. 4/5

Wiseblood (M8)
This cut is slick: there's real deftness in production and arrangement. Gently driving beats and Latin percussion roll out under soft backing vocals and warm bass, little horn stabs peek in now and again, soft strings float in and pianos gently assert. He gradually builds the horns into some uptown disco while the track snakes happily beneath. Jask remixes, amping up the bass, and stripping the track out into some flute driven daydream. Yes, there's lots of quality Latin-vibed music out there at the moment, but this is well worth a check. M7/M8