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This time we’re very proud to announce that Fresh & Low take control of the remix duties. He has reworked two fantastic versions of this vocal deep house gem. Physics once again hit all the right buttons and deliver a new track - set to be classic. The Original Mix has a smooth vocal from Lou Lou, very much in the Naked vein, and is likely to receive support from radio. On the South Pacific remix, Physics strip it down with a dubbier version that comes complete with a funky groove, mellow piano Rhodes and minimal use of vocals. Fresh & Low’s ‘Solar House Fresh Vocal mix is a killer vocal remix. It has all the great elements that will leave you begging for more! Sax solos, stunning fender Rhodes and its percussive groove that goes through the whole track is amazing. This though isn’t enough it seems… he then serves up his Fresh & Low Solar dub mix as well.

The result? Percussion Heaven! After a long and building intro the bass kicks and the mayhem follows. 4 stunning pieces of music.

Tracklisting :
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a1. Original Mix
a2. South Pacific Mix
b1. Solar House Fresh Vocal Mix
b2. Fresh & Low Solar Dub Mix

Reviews :

Alan Russell (iDJ)
These guys impressed recently with the superb '7am Sessions', and again they deliver the goods in the form of this quality slice of deep and soulful house with feeling. Vocalist Lou Lou does another fine job, matching the Naked Music vibe of the original mix with a restrained and emotive performance that proves once again that you don't need to be a screaming Gospel diva to convey soul and feeling in a vocal. Calum Walker (Mr Fresh & Low) delivers a sweetly soulful Solar House Remix complete with sax solos, lush Rhodes and heaps of cool percussion that lift it above the ranks of the average remix workout. If you dig that chilled out San Fran vibe, you'll flip. 4/5

Russell Deeks (iDJ)
If you like your Naked/Om-type vocal deep house, then don't sleep on this! Featuring Lou Lou (a new talent to me?) on vocals, this is the kind of mellow but funky vibe that'll delight the real heads. Four mixes on offer, with the ultra-soulful Original and deeper, dubbier South Pacific Remix battling it out for the 'cream of the crop' title. Excellent stuff! 4/5

Jon Freer (Freelance)
Label boss Martin owns a number of Swedish House imprints and this release shows that, as usual, he has saved the superior and deeper material for Deeplay. The original and "South Pacific Remix" are a pair of standard lush Physics productions, awash with beguiling keys, an affectionate bass and tender vocals. However, it's Fresh & Low's remixes, which are a cut above the other versions, which make this record special. The "Solar House Fresh Vocal" takes softened percussion, a summery guitar, delectable keys and a glamorous sax, while the pleading vocal sits atop. The "Fresh & Low Solar Dub" is a live percussed number, with divine keys, swirling FX, a wandering bass and a bluesy organ.

Dr Bob Jones (Muzik)
It's just a matter of time before the rest of the industry knows what the underground has known for a number of years: that Fresh & Low, aka Calum Walker, deserves full respect for his never-ending flow of souful mixes and production. Here he dabbles in Physics and wins the Nobel Prize for an inspirational effort full of fat beats and funky rhymes. 4/5