7am Sessions

When we looked around for a remix of this excellent tune we were lucky enough to get JASK on board. When we finally got the mix we just said, OH MY GOD!!!!!
His magic hands made this tune to a sax maniac anthem.

One proof of this is that it was licensed to the most high profile compilation series: Hed Kandi's Beach House vol. 2 among a lot of others great compilations around the world.

Tracklisting :
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a1. Thaisoul Sunrise Mix
a2. Thaisoul Love Dub
b1. Original Mix
b2. Rise n' Shine Mix

Reviews :

Ben Mynott 8 (
....that leads you straight into their second release, the '7am Sessions' on which Jask's Thaisoul Sunrise Mix is the pick off the bunch utilising the excellent sax solos of the original. It reminds me very much of Deep Dish's 'Chocolate City (Love Songs)' from a few years back. (as featured in Blues and Soul 06/01)

These excellent mixes from Jask have been floating around for a while now but are nonetheless still doing massive damage in the clubs. Physics are the duo of Mikael Surdi and Toby Olsson, who, recording for Martin Brodin's Deeplay Music have been producing some flawless downtempo grooves and summers day deep jazzy house over the last twelve months now. Bringing in Jask was an impressive idea, as he adds his definitive jazzy stamp to turn the already impressive sax-led outing into a stunning jazz-house anthem. The superb downtempo groove remains on the down-lo throughout the introduction and for all the drops (yes, they're all in the right places!), but in between it's a monster. This is very fresh stuff indeed. I understand an album is in the offering from these chaps over the coming months, but in the meantime, don't let this one get away. It's a killer! Stunning in every sense of the word. (rating: 5/5)

John Freer (freelance)
Following on from their first release, Physics rope in US star Jask, for some eloquently deep reinterpretations of "7AM Sessions". His "Sunrise Remix" is a wonder of smooth summer jam, which focuses on wavy keyed nuances and a free flowing sax solo, which float over a deep grooved bass and defined percussion. While his "Love Dub" takes things even deeper, employing some extra afro percussion to the same key elements. Flipping over, the first cut is a dubby brass outing, with a raw bass and a warm synth and the second track rounds things off with a delicious vocal and cooling key melody.

Eddie Matos
....I like both the original and what Jask turned out. Nice balance, keep em coming... (Eddie Matos one half of Mateo and Matos)

Phil Cheeseman (Dj Mag)
We all know that Jask is the business with his work at Thaisoul and everything. If you havent yet been seduced by his swinging, sultry grooves, please consider this little nuggett as notice duly served. Tackling the deep and jazzy meaderings of the Swedish Physics. Jask sails in with his ecstatic sax melodies and oh so loverly pads for a mix that really puts him in his own catagory of Jaskness, anodyne expressions like 'deep' and 'jazzy' simply dont surfice. Although it has that languid quality so beloved of the afterhours and chilout zone, to regard this as such would be plain dumb, because if you can't play this to a peak crowd then you're either playing the wrong music or to the wrong crowd. Or You're the wrong DJ!!! "In The Box" 4 Stars

Richie Hartness (
'Thaisoul Sunrise Remix' opens up the a side of Jask remixes for Deeplay Music. Smooth beats in a Naked Music style and sultry spoken vocals from Michelle French, and a wandering sax from Mike McArthur make for a highly pleasent listening experience to sit back and relax too, and the more I listen too it the more I like it. The 'Thaisoul Love Dub' is basically a shorter, tighter mix of the first track so it's really a toss up as to which one takes your fancy. The b side has the 'Original Mix' that is more shuffling in the beats and has a male sample vocal, and sidewalk sound effects and some extra sax, giving it a more live sounding jam feel. The 'Rise 'n' Shine Mix' has skippy beats added keyboards and minimal vocals making it the weakest of the bunch, but all in all a very enjoyable piece of vinyl. (Rating: 8/10)