They say that they have a slight distance to themselves, right!?

Whether you are enjoying a good book in your favorite arm-chairor building up for a night out at the club, the sound of Physics will enhance your mood. You will always find something new, each time you listen to the beats, these two fine lads produce

Physics are the two long time friends from Malmoe, Sweden, Mikael Surdi, 35, and Torbjörn Olsson, 34. They've been producing quality house music since 2000 - an eclectic blend of deep, latin and jazzy house and on rare occasion more funky uptempo grooves. We at Deeplay was fascinated from their first demo they ever sent us and we signed them instantly. And what a success it was. We have toghether developed a great collaboration with loads of nice releases.

They have been featured in all major UK and Scandinavian magazines with top reviews ever since the beginning. Almost all of their released singles have been getting great reviews and support, to name some of the top releases we would like to present: City Lights which also was signed to Eric Kuppers own imprint Hysteria, Don’t Deny Me Love which was HYPE CHARTED No 2 in the UK and also The Most Beautiful Boy in Brazil which is an Brazilian monster anthem.
2002 they released the debut album First Flight. Once again with top reviews all over. DJ MAG voted it as one of the best albums 2002. Almost every track of the album has been licensed to various compilations all over the world with Hotel Costes, 2 different Hed Kandi and Ministry Of Sound’s Chill out session as the highlights.

At this moment they are concentrating on their remix duties for other labels all toghether with their own new productions. Expect to see Physics featured on loads of other labels during 2003 and 2004.

They have an amazing live set up with 7 members, which they have been doing for the latest 1 ½ year in UK, Denmark and Sweden at various clubs and festivals. FULLY LIVE, which is very unique. On some occasion they get support by a seven of bassplayer MR GONE of Tru Method.

Physics has been supported from all kind of people varied of Dj's, Tastemakers, Radio, Magazines. To name just a few will not be fair because we at Deeplay believe all supporters are equally valued.

Releases :

DPLAY-022 : The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazil 'remixes
DPLAY-CD1 : First Flight
DPLAY-011 : Don't Deny Me Love
DPLAY-010 : The Most Beautiful Boy In Brazil
DPLAY-008 : My Love
DPLAY-005 : City Lights
DPLAY-004 : Get Out of That Beat
DPLAY-003 : Mad Love
DPLAY-002 : 7am Sessions
DPLAY-001 : Flight Over Bermuda EP
DPLAY-LP1 : First Flight