Martin Swanstein , born in Helsingborg, Sweden 1981. Now living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At a young age he played a lot in various bands, started DJing when he was 14 and still does. He was into Techno and Trance in the mid-nineties, a little later he was introduced to the deeper sound of house music by an Italian DJ and realized that Techno really never was his thing. After this he started to produce and program House beats at his home. He developed an interesting sound and he got in contact to the veteran DJ and producer Manuel Perez who is running the Wrong Step label.

Martin is sole producer and is very open to different styles of Deep House. He gets his inspiration from lots of different style of music, among them: House, brokenbeats, downtempo n lounge, dub and worldmusic. You shouldn't be too surprised to hear the occasional Nu-Jazz or offbeat House track from this guy either. Martinez is also signed to the US lable Guidance recording were he´s currently working on his debut album.

What can we expect from this guy? Musicality, nice live instruments, smooth, jazzy, deep, sexy and very pleasant music for your soul.

Why did we sign him? Well, once and a while you hear music that you can't resist and here it was just in front of us. WE COULDN'T SAY NO

Releases :

DPLAY-006 : Autumn Jazz Ep