Martin Brodin

Martin Brodin is the owner and founder of Sweden’s deep-house label, Deeplay Music. His mission for the label was to create an outlet for new Scandinavian artists. Martin also runs Yellhouse Records, a label that showcases the big room and funky house vibe of from the likes of Håkan Lidbo, Playmaker and Sugar Caine. The launch of the sub label Deeplay Soultec this year 2005, will lead Deeplay into the edgy and techier realm, while still retaining the foundational element of soul. Martin is always open to new ideas and sounds, which is often reflected in his deejaying talent.

His serious interest in music started during the 1980's, a decade in which he grooved to the sounds of Yello, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.
In the early 1990's, Martin once again found himself at the forefront of the emerging dance music scene. He became instantly hooked on this genre when heard Lil Louis' club classic, "French Kiss." Ever since that day he’s been buying and collecting dance music records as a love and hobby.
Currently, he listens to all kind of music, this open-mindedness helps to develop his unique “music-ear” as he ventures into new musical boundaries.

His deejay sets encompasses different styles and moods. Martin often tailors his set to fit a specific audience. He thinks of himself as an eclectic dj that is not afraid of experimenting with new sounds and musical ideas. Martin’s dj sets often covers the following musical spectrum: deep, techy and edgy with a twist; latin, soulful vocals and feel-good summery house. Last but not least, he often heats things up with the funky big room house sound. All this lead him with special invitation from people like Ben Watt to spin at his Cherry Jam and recently he was in Tokyo for a special Deeplay Tour.

Martin’s forthcoming first single, “Semitone Shuffle” which will be released on Deeplay Soultec, has already fetched great feedback from the likes of Laurent Garnier (F-Com), James Holden (Border), Kenny Hawkes, D’Malicious (Wave) and Martinez (Out Of orbit).

Currently, Martin spins regularly at different residences throughout the city of Malmoe in Sweden.

Semitone Shuffle - Deeplay Soultec, 2005
Various - Soultec Vol 1 – Mix cd compilation on Deeplay Soultec 2005

Club bio (excerpts):
Tokyo - Fai Ayoma, Duo Exchange (designed by Jamiroquai)
London - Cherry Jam (Owned by Ben Watt)
Bremen - Nff, 2Raumlounge
Copenhagen - Rust
Sweden – Art Four Pleasure, Luftkastellet, Absolut Vodka Parties, Buddha Lounge

Releases :

DPLAY-PROMO : Soultec Vol 1