Ole Roar Granli has been producing music since he was in his early teens, playing with his older brother's keyboard whenever he got the chance. When he was 15, his father got him a Ensoniq workstation synth and music production really caught his attention. Back then he mainly produced trance and techno tunes, but around 96-97 he started making music in a more drum n bass and trip hop oriented genre under the name ORG Lounge, with the likes of LTJ Bukem, 4hero and Kruder & Dorfmeister as major influences. Around 1998, he moved his music production over to a PC and started to post his music online and received positive feedback from many people around the globe including Water Music Records that decided to release "ORG Lounge" on july 3rd 2001. House music also caught his attention around 97-98 from listening to Masters At Work and other pioneers of the genre. That's how the Dalminjo project got started because Ole wanted to release his house music under another name.

We at Deeplay were amazed when we get hold of his productions back in year 2000, after all the guy was only 18 years old. We couldn't let this supertalent slip out of our hands so we signed him directly to Deeplay. After a couple of successful singles we're proud to be present his debut album Fjord Fusioneer, 3 years later.

His sound could be described as a great mixture of sixties and seventies jazz and modern electronica with a slice of brazilian beat. On top of this he works with warm melodies and strong vocalists. He adds the house beat when it's needed and the result is fantastique!


Once the homeland of polyester-suited Eurovision hopefuls with Lego-style haircuts, Norway is fast becoming the coolest place on the continent. Not content with unleashing Röyksopp, Annie & Erot and Tellé Records on an unsuspecting world, this Scandinavian paradise is treating us - Ferrero Rocher-style - to yet another musical delight, this time in the shape of jazz-house producer Dalminjo.

Still only 19 years old, Ole Roar Granli, the man behind the Dalminjo guise, is getting props for this excellent 'Solitude Jazz' EP, which features four fab tracks of groovy house music with what can only be described as a strong musical bent. Stop laughing at the back there.

"I can't really remember when or how I got into house music," says Ole. "But Masters At Work certainly had something to do with it. I really loved the way they mixed jazz, Latin and soul together with the house beats."

While a listen to the EP does indeed suggest a strong MAW influence, there's definitely a feel of the Mad Mike in there too, that fusion of rocking dancefloor beats and complex melodies we know so well, especially on the excellent 'And She Said', a tech-house classic if ever there was one. All this from a lad who isn't 20 until September. The only downside is that you can't go out and hear his tunes being played in their natural environment. "I don't go to clubs too often," he says. "I'm too young to get into the good ones here in Norway."

Best he stays in then, all those temptations might distract him from making music.

Releases :

DPLAY-019 : Despacito (Te Doy Mi Corazón)
DPLAY-CD3 : Fjord Fusioneer
DPLAY-CD 6 : One Day You'll Dance For Me Tokyo!
DPLAY-014 : Rouge EP
DPLAY-013 : And She Said 'Remixes
DPLAY-009 : Bossa Note
DPLAY-007 : Solitude Jazz Ep
DPLAY-LP2 : Fjord Fusioneer